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Epever UPower-Hi Inverter/Charger AC to DC MPPT Hybrid Inverter Charger 

DC24V/48V to AC110V/220V,50hz/60hz auto.


Max pv input voltage : 200v~500v.

UPower-Hi, an upgrade hybrid inverter charger, supports utility charging, oil generator charging, solar charging, utility output, inverter output, and energy management. The DSP chip in the product with an advanced control algorithm brings high response speed and high conversion efficiency. In addition, this product adopts an industrial design to ensure high reliability and features multiple charging and output modes.

The new optimized MPPT charging technology fastly tracks the solar panels' max power point in any situation and obtains the maximum energy in real-time.

The AC to DC charging process adopts the advanced control algorithm to realize a full digital PFC and dual closed-loop control of voltage and current. As a result, the DC output charging voltage and current are continuously adjustable within a specific range.

The DC to AC inverting process, based on a fully smart digital design, adopts advanced SPWM technology to get a pure sine wave output. The inverting process converts the DC power to AC power, suitable for household appliances, power tools, industrial equipment, audio systems, and other electronics.

The 4.2-inch LCD shows the operational status and full parameters.

To maximize solar energy utilization, users can choose energy sources according to actual needs and flexibly take the utility as a supplement. This inverter charger can increase the system's power supply guarantee rate, which is suitable for solar energy, utility/oil generator hybrid systems. It aims to provide users with high-quality, high-stability, and high-reliability electrical energy.


Ÿ   Full intelligent digital energy storage equipment

Ÿ   Supports the battery mode or non-battery mode

Ÿ   Non-battery mode: charging with solar (Main) and utility (Assist) simultaneously

Ÿ   (Optional) Surge and reverse connection protections to support the lithium battery system perfectly

Ÿ   Advanced SPWM technology and pure sine wave output

Ÿ   PFC technology achieves a high power factor of AC to DC charging and reduces grid capacity usage

Ÿ   Full digital double closed-loop control

Ÿ   High tracking efficiency of MPPT no less than 99.5%

Ÿ   Three charging modes: Solar only, Solar priority, Utility & Solar

Ÿ   Two AC output modes: Utility priority and Inverter priority

Ÿ   Self-learning SOC display function

Ÿ   Multiple LED indicators to dynamic display the status

Ÿ   AC OUT button to control the AC output directly

Ÿ   4.2 inch LCD to monitor and modify system parameters

Ÿ   Remote temperature compensation for batteries

Ÿ   Optional WiFi or GPRS Remote control by the RS485 isolated com. port

Ÿ   Optional BMS-Link port, taking the charging and discharging control from BMS

Ÿ   Customized charging current and discharging limited current

Ÿ   Supports cold start and soft start

Ÿ   Comprehensive electronic protection features




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