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$10.00 $14.00


Color: Black
Rated current: 20A(4mm²)
Rated voltage: 1000V DC
Contact resistance: <2mΩ
Insulation resistance : >500mΩ
Suitable single core cable section: 2.5mm2, 4mm2, 6mm2
Cable outer diameter: Φ5mm ~Φ 7mm
Connector insulation material: PPO
High voltage : TUV6000 V AC(1 min) /UL 2200V DC(1 min)
Degree of protection: IP67(IEC 60529)
Temperature rating: -40 degree ~ +85 degree 
Flame Retardant Grade: UL94V-O

Package include:

1 x pair x Solar panel MC4 connectors
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    $16.00 $20.00


    It has strong anti aging and UV resistant function, which is in line with the use of outdoor harsh conditions; the cable connector is riveted and fastened; the common mother connector is convenient to plug in and does not need any tools. The plug is not easy to damage the socket buckle. It is a good helper of the photovoltaic distributed small system.


    cable specification:2.5mm2 ~ 6.0mm2 / 14AWG~10 AWG
    Terminal Specifications : ⱷ4.0mm
    Rated Current: 20A ~ 30A
    Rated voltage: TUV 1000VDC / UL600VDC
    Withstanding Voltage : TUV 6000V AC(1min) / UL2200V DC (1min)
    Pollution Level : Ⅱ
    Terminal Material : Copper,Silver plated
    Contact resistance: ≤5mmΩ
    Waterproof degree:IP68(IEC 60529)
    Safety Class: Ⅱ
    Withdrawal force: ≥50N
    Insertion force: ≤50N
    Insulation material: PPO
    Temperature range: 40 ℃ ~ +85 ℃
    Flammability rating :UL94V-0 

    Package :

    1 Pair Y Type(1 to 4) MC4 Solar Panel Cable Connectors : 1 male to 4 female (M/FFFF) and 1 female to 4 male(F/MMMM)
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      $6.65 $9.00

      MC4 Solar photovoltaic connector -- A601

      Product features

      Solar photovoltaic module cable connector, the connector adopts inner drum shaped reed connector, male and female connector and module junction box connector, using PPO material, the connector has anti-aging, uv resistance, meet the use requirements of the power station in harsh conditions.


      Product information

      Technical specifications: 1000V DC

      Rated voltage: 30A

      Cable specifications: 2.5MM2 4.0MM2 6MM2/14AWG 12AWG 10AWG

      Adapter connector: MC4

      Protection type: IP address

      Temperature range: -40. C ~ + 85. C

      Contact resistance: &lt; 0.35 m Ω

      Protection level: IP67

      Flame retardant rating: UL94 V-0


        Note :This is Solar Deck Panel Junction Connector,not the normal Solar Panel Connector.

        Male+Female Wire Solar Panel Cable Connector

        Send from China.



        Rated Voltage:1000 V DC

        Rated Current : 30A

        Contact Resistance:Less than 1 Mohms

        Protections Class :II

        Insulation Material:PPO+PA

        Temperature Range: -40 ℃ ~ +85 ℃

        Flame Class: UL94-VO

        Waterproof  Class : No waterproof.

        Package include:

        male solar panel cable connector

        female solar panel cable connector


          $7.00 $12.00
            $9.99 $12.00

            MC4 PHOTOVOLTAIC fuse connector -- SA7

            Product features:

            MC4 - parallel branch (compatible with MC4 connector) is an array of photovoltaic solar panels in parallel when module of the special connector, reliable connection rapidly, waterproof and dustproof, easy to use etc, shell has strong anti-aging, uv resistant ability, tight and clamping way is used to connect cable connection, male and female head fixed with stable self-locking mechanism, open and close freely.


            Product parameters

            ● Maximum operating voltage: 1000V DC

            ● Maximum working current 30A

            ● Flame retardant grade: UL94-V0

            ● Pollution level: Level 2

            ● Connection resistance: ≤5mm ω

            ● Shell protection class: IP65

            ● Connecting wire specification: 1.5~6mm2

            ● Operating temperature: -40 ~ +85℃

            ● Safety level: Class ‖

            ● Insertion force: ≤50N

            ● Pull out force: ≥50N

            ● Fuse current: 20A

            ● Diameter of terminal: 4

              $12.00 $16.00


              Model : MC4-Y3
              Rated voltage: TUV1000 V DC /UL 600V DC
              Current : 20A~30A
              Wire gauge:2.5mm²~6mm² / 14AWG~10AWG
              Terminal specification :φ4.0mm
              High voltage : TUV6000 V AC(1 min) /UL 2200V DC(1 min)
              Safety: II
              Connector conductor material: Copper,Silver Plated
              Contact resistance: ≤5mΩ
              Material: PPO
              Degree of protection: IP68(IEC 60529)
              Temperature rating: -40 degree ~ +85 degree
              Flame Retardant Grade: UL94V-

              Package include:

              2 x MC4 Solar Y Branch Connector Cables
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